Guild Wars 2 Beta Application Process Nets 1 Million Potential Testers

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Guild Wars 2 Beta Application Process Nets 1 Million Potential Testers

By: Jeff Davis | Feb 24th 2012

As the Guild Wars 2 Beta approaches, it seems that ArenaNet has picked up a bigger crowd than one could ever have bargained for. Or at least within the means of a hit MMORPG franchise that is set to enter its second iteration, anyway.

In only a very short 48 hour period (which also happens to be the total amount of time that was actually made available from start to finish), the developer has managed to attract a cool million's worth... of potential beta participants, that is.

As reported by GameSpot, the revelation was made public late Friday via Twitter, and thus will begin the process of narrowing down the playing field before the beta kicks off in March with final public availability set to follow later this year.

That being said, players who get admitted to the beta will have to sign off on documents meant to discourage sharing of all of the still-confidential intricacies (read: putting the Hancock on a NDA form) before they can actually log in to play, so don't expect much if any insider knowledge from that direction for right now. There is a slight possibility of a console version at some point due to internal developments, however; yet ArenaNet has not made any official commitments in that regard so it's a toss-up in that department at this time.

It is also currently known that players of the game's final build will only have to pay for the game itself (plus a one-time registration fee) -- but unlike World of Warcraft and its ilk, ArenaNet does not plan to charge gamers up the backside in any other way just to maintain a registered Guild Wars 2 account, not even by a single month.

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