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  • ChefVille

    Chefville, the Facebook game, where you can waste time preparing imaginary dishes instead of making them for yourself. Another title from Zynga, Che.. ..Read more

    By: Guest

  • Bubble Safari

    One of the key things that makes a video game a video game is that they exist in some sort of weird reality. A reality where health never quite dep.. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • Dragon City

    Let it be said that dragons are awesome. They can burn down entire castles, let alone singe your eyebrows off, they are more than capable of taking .. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • You Don't Know Jack

    As a franchise that has been around since 1995, You Don't Know Jack (the game) takes 'you don't know Jack' (the phrase - which happens to be a light.. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • Dungeon Blitz

    Dungeon Blitz is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMO. A wondrously simple title under an incredibly long-winded genre description.Get beneath that fr.. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • The Sims Social

    The Sims is the giantly popular (this may be an understatement) franchise that lets players, lovingly known as ‘Simmers’, play god, proceeding to .. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • TERA

    Just recently, I had a chance to get a test play of TERA during the open beta weekend. With a whole new approach to MMO combat and a vibrant, yet un.. ..Read more

    By: Jeff Davis

  • Angry Birds

    You may be familiar with Angry Birds, or at least heard of it at some point.Well, I'm here to say that the hit mobile game has been adapted for Face.. ..Read more

    By: Jeff Davis

  • Bejeweled Blitz

    Bejeweled Blitz is a game that has reached a dizzying level of success, partly because it taps into one of the most fundamental elements of our soc.. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • WeTopia

    Everyone from America's favourite lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, to singing teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, is talking about this game.This is the Facebo.. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • Eden Eternal

    Trust me on this: I've definitely seen my fair share of MMO games that offer a less-than unique bait to get you to try them out. Or those with a mil.. ..Read more

    By: Jeff Davis

  • Cafe World

    Welcome to Cafe World! The colours are bright, the food is tasty and the staff are trained and ready to go.Mega social game publisher Zynga’s cafe .. ..Read more

    By: Jasmine Henry

  • Lime Odyssey

    Recently I had a chance to check out the alpha-phase build of Aeria Games' latest MMO Lime Odyssey. Featuring a creative dual-class system for chara.. ..Read more

    By: Jeff Davis

  • Grepolis

    Grepolis is an established online, browser based, free to play, real-time strategy games by Innogames. It is focused more on war and battle as oppos.. ..Read more

    By: MMO Fan

  • The Settlers Online

    As a fan of browser based civilization type games I was pretty pumped to get on and give The Settlers Online a tryout. Settler's games have a great .. ..Read more

    By: MMO Fan