Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition Content Revealed

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Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition Content Revealed

By: Jasmine Henry | Mar 13th 2012
Waiting ravenously for Guild Wars 2 to be released? Howl and scratch at the walls no more for I have a new bit of Guild Wars 2 info that will no doubt satisfy your MMORPG desires (though it could potentially make you more excited for the game).

NCSoft have released a picture of Guild Wars 2's Collector's Edition in all of its glory - directly below is a list of everything that will be included (see the post thumbnail for the picture).

In the CE, you will be treated to
- A collectible metal box
- A 25cm Rytlock figurine
- A custom art frame, a portfolio, along with 5 art prints
- The 'Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack' CD & the actual game of Guild Wars 2
- A 112-page 'Making of Guild Wars 2' hardback book

Go the official Guild Wars 2 website to find out more.

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