Sony Makes a Third DC Universe Online DLC Pack Available

Sony Makes a Third DC Universe Online DLC Pack Available

By: Jasmine Henry | Mar 14th 2012
There are few things in life quite as enjoyable as scaling towers or gliding through the civilian deserted city streets of DC Universe in search of knuckle-headed crims who need to be introduced to your justice-bringing, neon-spandex-clad fists. But, if you're a DC Universe Online player who is in the camp of those whose enjoyment of the game is waning slightly, you'll enjoy this bit of news.

This week Sony are launching the third DLC pack for the game - with the rather bold title of 'The Battle For Earth'. The PS3 and PC MMORPG will have your custom-made superhero saving the world from the villainous Brainiac.

Jens Andersen, DCUO Creative Director, Sony Online Entertainment, says of the plot that "Players have been battling hard in the war against Brainiac and it’s thrilling to see the fight reach its most climactic moment in this DLC Pack" with a "great new story twist" and "more incredible new adventures for both solo and group play."

Below is the full list of new DC Universe Online features.

Themyscira – Experience a new Raid on Wonder Woman’s home island that pits players against Chimeric Brainiacs and ultimately, the deadly Avatar of Magic. Players will fight alongside mythical creatures such as Cyclops, Hydra and Colossus, while simultaneously protecting key units of Amazons and Beastimorphs.
South Gotham Brainiac Invasion – Super-charged action continues as players battle Brainiac’s invasion force in the streets of South Gotham, the Courthouse Alert and new Duos. Working to stop Brainiac’s Union – formed by the people trapped inside the bottled buildings – who are constructing Proto-Avatars to assault Gotham, players will be challenged to rise up and defend Earth against Brainiac’s final assault.
The Prime Battleground – The Battle for Earth storyline leads players into an epic battle in which they must fight all three of Brainiac’s newly completed Prime Avatars, and then Brainiac himself. Heroes will fight for the safety of the Earth and its inhabitants, while Villains will want to defeat Brainiac and expand the influence of evil across the planet.
Earth Powers – Rumble on to the scene and shake things up with DCUO’s ninth power set. Earth Powers can be used for both Tanking and Damage, and features an exciting new Tanking mechanic that defers damage to a player’s constructs and automatons. Geokinesis abilities give players the ability to shape Earthen constructs to crush enemies and reinforce allies while Seismic abilities allow players to call mighty, Earth-shaking forces to rattle and daze opponents.

Available now from the PlayStation Network (for PS3 DCUO players)or from the official DC Universe Online website (for PC players), the 'The Battle for Earth' DLC pack will set you back $9.99 if you're a free or premium player. Alternatively, you'll receive the DLC for nothing if you're a 'Legendary' member.

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