RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend Event to Start Tomorrow

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RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend Event to Start Tomorrow

By: Jasmine Henry | Mar 15th 2012
Between the SWTOR weekend pass and this Runescape Bonus XP weekend, the next few days are looking incredibly busy.

Jagex have just announced the event ; which will have you doubling and nearly tripling the rewarded XP from your tree-chopping, wheat-grinding, dungeon-raiding efforts in their game, which is the world's most popular free to play MMO.

Starting at a 2.7 multiplier when the bonus XP weekend begins, that figure will decrease every half an hour until it finally trickles down to 1.1 times the amount you'd get from your usual training activities, a figure which will remain until the end of the event. All the more reason to get in involved as soon as possible .

The RuneScape event kicks off at 12:00 GMT (8:00am EST) this Friday and will end at 12:00 GMT (8:00am EST) on Monday the 19th of March.

Click here to go to the official RuneScape website to prepare by registering your account.

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