Runes of Magic Birthday Event Provides Players With Prizes

Runes of Magic Birthday Event Provides Players With Prizes

By: Jasmine Henry | Mar 21st 2012
Do you remember much about your 3rd birthday? I don't, not really, though I do recall attempting to gnaw on a candle at one point...
Runes of Magic, on the other hand, wants to invite you to its 3rd birthday bash, which will most definitely be an event that will become embedded in your memory for eons to come.

All Runes of Magic players are invited to the event (which kicked off on the 19th of March and ends on the 25th) to win a whole host of prizes in the in-game and community events, as well as trophies, mounts and, women's best friend (diamonds).

Other super-special Runes of Magic birthday events include the "time-honoured" (and totally bizarre) tradition of the "Frog Event", which, as the name suggests, will have you frog racing, frog catching and the obvious choice of transforming yourself into a frog in order to solves puzzles and win prizes .

There's also the tasty sounding "Score For More" bonus event which allows you to exchange your scores, for more ('more' meaning more prizes) - with the first 1,000 players to register for the program will receive a paysafecard worth 5 euros, courstesy of Runewaker, the developer of Runes of Magic -(you have to register by the 29th of March)

Click here to find out more about Runes of Magic and the birthday event.

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