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Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Now Live

By: Jeff Davis | Apr 10th 2012
Ready to head into the world of Tyria?

Well, let us wait no more: the time has come to be one of the first.

NCsoft has announced that it has begun the pre-order and digital pre-puurchase processes for the highly-anticipated MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Players who participate in the pre-purchase deal will not only have guaranteed beta weekend access, but also a three-day headstart prior to launch -- not to mention a very cool (and very exclusive) Hero’s Band that gifts them with special buffs that will not otherwise be made available.

The pre-purchase deal also offers three individual packages to choose from. In addition to the standard, bare bones package, a "Digital Deluxe Edition" offers five additional bonus items (such as the Mistfire Wolf battle pet), while the retail Collector’s Edition adds onto the above
For the complete Guild Wars 2 experience, the Collector’s Edition with a 25cm hand-painted Rytlock Brimstone statue, a 112 page "Making the game" hardback book, a music soundtrack CD, a custom art frame (with five Guild Wars 2 art prints and a portfolio to go with it), and a special commemorative metal box packaging.

Pre-purchasing can be done online for the digital editions, or players can initiate a traditional pre-order at select retail locations if desired (although the latter obviously provides just a mere one day advantage before launch). Either way, the benefits of the in-game item and beta weekend are included regardless of purchase method, so get crackin' onward!

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