Runes of Magic Coming to Browsers This Month

Runes of Magic Coming to Browsers This Month

By: Jasmine Henry | May 2nd 2012
With over five million people playing the free to play, downloadable title, Runes of Magic, this game is undoubtedly popular. Wanting to maximise that success even more is the game's publisher, Frogster Online Gaming, who have opted to improve its accessibility by teaming up with Dutch gaming company Eximon to bring the fantasy MMORPG to web browsers.

To play the browser version of the game, you have to have to be using a PC with ether Windows 7, Vista or XP (with Service Pack 2 installed) as its operating system, which is unfortunate for Mac users though we can assume that should the PC version garner enough success, they'll be privy to browser Runes of Magic too. You must also be running either the most updated versions of either the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.

The downloadable version of Runes of Magic will take up a hefty chunk of just under five gigabytes of space on your hard drive, whilst the browser version, on the other hand, takes approximately 30 seconds to load, allowing you to access the main menu and jump straight to character creation in barely any time at all. And this short time won't compromise the quality of Runes of Magic either, as not only does the browser version use the premium Kalydo streaming tech, it also utilises the same servers as the installed edition of the game, meaning that you can play in glorious MMORPG harmony regardless of which edition you're playing.

Frogster say that as of right now, the browser version of Runes of Magic will only be available to players in Europe, though the inclusion of the phrase "for now" in their release statement suggests that a North America release is on the horizon.

Click here to play the browser version of Runes of Magic.

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