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200,000 Players Take Part in The Secret War, The Secret World Social Experience

By: Jasmine Henry | May 8th 2012
As far as social media campiagns go, this one, for EA and Funcom's modern day conspiracy MMO, The Secret World, has been pretty successful to say the least.

Created as a title to both incite interest in The Secret World and get players invested in the game's universe, the full title, The Secret War, the social "experience", was launched a fortnight ago, allowing players to recruit their friends and get stuck into the conflict from the warm, familiar hub of their web browser.

The Secret War had you choosing a faction from The Secret World - either The Illuminati, The Dragons or The Templars - as you played the game to increase your faction's and decrease yor enemy factions' influence on the world. Deploying agents was the name of the game as you sought to make every corner, crevice, cranny and continent on the globe yours.

After just 14 days of playing, players recruited to The Secret War, and those looking forward to The Secret World, achieved some mindblowing statistics, which you can see listed below.

-Over 200,000 gamers have registered and become participants in the war

-The experience has had over 1.2 million visits in total

-Each participant spends 20 minutes on average playing at each visit

-Over 50 million agents have been deployed by the 200,000 participants

The Secret World release date is June 19th.

Click here to play The Secret War and click here to visit The Secret World website.

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