Second Beta Weekend for The Secret World Announced

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Second Beta Weekend for The Secret World Announced

By: Jasmine Henry | May 16th 2012
Hot off the tails of the first beta weekend for The Secret World, publisher EA, and the developer of the modern day consiracy MMO, Funcom, have announced that a second beta weekend for their game is scheduled to take place over the next few days.

The Secret World beta will give you one of the first looks at the game, whic h launches in June, as you pick a faction out of either The Illuminati, The Templars or The Dragon, battling against the other two as every alien, monster and creepy creature that rumours and myths have hinted at turn out to be real and you must fight tooth and nail for control over the world to restore peace and keep order.

Funcom say that the second beta for The Secret World begins May 18th at 9am PDT / 6pm CET and will run until Sunday May 20th at 11.59pm PDT / May 21st 8.59am CET.

The Secret World beta is a closed one, so you'll need a code to join in. There are few of these making the rounds on the Internet though there's also the (much easier) alternative of pre-ordering The Secret World to guarantee yourself a spot in *all* of the beta weekends.

The Secret World release date is the 19th of June.

Click here to visit The Secret World webiste and find out how to pre-order the game.

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