Runescape to Get Evolution of Combat Update, Beta Plans Revealed

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Runescape to Get Evolution of Combat Update, Beta Plans Revealed

By: Jasmine Henry | May 21st 2012
Being the world's most popular free to play MMO is no easy feat as constant improvements will need to be made to keep your fanbase happy. This is a concept that the developer of the game, Jagex, are well aware of, after all, Runescape is now in its 11th year.

To satisfy the 15 million strong playerbase of active Runescape users, Jagex are introducing a new and intriguing piece to the playing board - the Runescape Evolution of Combat update.

As you may have guessed, this will improve the combat element of Runescape. It's set to be a total redesign of the combat gameplay that we currently know in the game, with Mark Ogilvie, RuneScape’s lead designer saying that "it’s impossible to downplay the significance of this update."

While the official release from Jagex offers very little when it comes to explaining exactly what the Runescape Evolutuion of Combat update will include, they did say that it will "revolutionise the way players fight and interact in game" and considering that this is something that the Runescape commnuity have both demanded and voiced their opinions on, it's likely that this really will deliver on its promises.

Beta registration will open for Runescape players to test out the Evolution of Combat on June 1st, with the actual beta beginning on June 26th (and will run until September).

Click here to visit the Runescape and find out how to sign up to the beta.

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