Conspiracy MMO The Secret World Launches Officially

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Conspiracy MMO The Secret World Launches Officially

By: Jasmine Henry | Jul 3rd 2012
Several beta weekends have passed for The Secret World and it even had its release date pushed back to a later date at one point, but now, EA and funcom's conspiracy theory MMO, The Secret World, is finally here, as the game is released today.

Allowing you to become the newest agent of either the Templars, the Illuminati, or the Dragons, you must fight against the other two opposing factions who threaten to challenge your factions hold on the world - oh, and you'll also be battling a whole host of mythical baddies as all of the urban myths and tales that you've heard about come to life in The Secret World, which is set in a modern day universe.

The Secret World may be the first of its kind in terms of setting but support for the game certainly isn't waning with Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom saying "Community reception for The Secret World has exceeded our expectations and exceeded all Funcom’s previous records with over 1.5 million beta sign ups,” a clear message that you'll be in no shortage of people to play against from launch.

You can watch The Secret World launch trailer below.

Every copy of the game includes 30 days of play, with a monthly subscription costing you £11.49 GBP per month thereafter.

Click hereto visit The Secret World website.

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