Runescape Members to Receive Sizzling Summer Benefits

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Runescape Members to Receive Sizzling Summer Benefits

By: Jasmine Henry | Jul 27th 2012
Runescape, the world's most popular free to play MMO is now rewarding its huge number of players to keep them indoors and away from the sun, sunburn and all of that horrible Summer heat with a plethora of 'Sizzling Summer' benefits that will keep Runescape members rooted firmly in their seats.

Beginning in August and running all the way through to the end of September, Jagex, the developer and publsiher of the game say that the lucrative bonuses being offered to Runescape player will be "worth more than $45!" Big claims then, but these are supported when you look at the info that Jagex has revealed. They say that of the Runescape Sizzling Summer benefits, "1 MILLION XP, free daily bonus spins, exclusive cosmetic items and four of the most powerful items ever seen in RuneScape" will be just some of the things in store. Jagex even continued to say that those of you involved in the Runescape Sizzling Summer fun will also get "an exclusive set of nine new avatar customisation items, including a 5-piece “Tropical Islander” outfit, extra head & cape accessories, a new character title and even a wild ‘Crab Transformation Dance’ emote have been specially commissioned to ensure your avatar enjoys the summer party as much as you do". And as for those powerful Runescape items? - "Dodging Death, Emergency healing boxes, instant kill darts and remote deposit boxes" - four things that are only available to those who take part in the Runescape Sizzling Summer.

Of course I'm sure you want to know how to get in on this Runescape action and really, it's simple - you just have to remain an active member throughout the months of August and September, with you even being rewarded for your loyalty with over 1 million XP to be given to you if you play regularly during this time.

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