ROSE Online Gets a Brand New Story Arc

ROSE Online Gets a Brand New Story Arc

By: Jasmine Henry | Aug 10th 2012
Are you a ROSE Online player who prefers to avoid the largescale combat gameplay that the anime MMORPG offers? Then you're in luck. After the announcement last week that ROSE Online would be one of the games involved in's biggest PvP tournament ever (alongside other games - Dragon Saga and Requiem), few ROSE Online players were wondering what less battle-oriented gameplay would be available for them - now publisher of ROSE Online, Gravity Interactive, have that answer.

Just this week, Gravity Interactive announced that ROSE Online is about to get a brand new story arc. Titled 'Sea of Dawn', it has players embarking on a quest to free the "precious" Goddess Luna, Sea of Dawn will also allow players to reach "a new level cap of 230" and gain access to "[a] new multi-tiered raid dungeon, new class equipment, the sharpest weapons yet, and numerous quests including a new arc to the Hero’s Quest, the main storyline of ROSE Online".

ROSE Online players with doubts about how much what Sea of Dawn will be like need look no further than this quote from Mike Lansing, Executive Director at Gravity Interactive who promises that “Sea of Dawn isn’t just your normal story arc update with new loot. ROSE players will be met with a higher level of challenge in this new raid dungeon,” he continues to say that “This raid is designed to challenge even our veteran players with obstacles that are sure to catch them off guard at first. The Rewards are great but the challenges to get there are even greater.”

Hopefully it delivers on those promises, as the Sea of Dawn update has just launched in ROSE Online.

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