Guild Wars 2 to Include Umbra's Rendering Optimisation Technology

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Guild Wars 2 to Include Umbra's Rendering Optimisation Technology

By: Jasmine Henry | Aug 14th 2012
When considering what features you'd liked to see in ArenaNet's highly anticipate MMO, Guild Wars 2, I think it's safe to say that 'Umbra's Rendering Optimisation Technology' probably isn't on your wishlist - but it should be. ArenaNet have just announced that very early on into the development of their game, they drafted in the flashy Umbra tech to "make sure that the beautiful world of Tyria where Guild Wars 2 is set in is realized in the most optimized fashion possible", pretty much guaranteeing that those rich and detailed environments that we're expecting from the title will be as eye-pleasing as ever.

Umbra’s Chief Technology Officer Otso Mäkinen says that "ArenaNet are one of Umbra’s earliest clients and closest partners", - for ArenaNet to put so much faith into relatively new company suggests just how much they are expecting the Umbra tech to improve Guild Wars 2.

Patrick Laukaitis; the Senior Software Engineer at ArenaNet echoes this, saying that "Umbra 3 provides an excellent solution for our expansive, open world environments. [The Guild Wars 2 team] are very happy with the choice [they] made with Umbra and the support [the Guild Wars 2 makers have] been given by the Umbra team".

So while the Umbra Rendering Optimisation Technology isn't the reason for the many Guild Wars 2 release date set backs, its inclusion is definitely something that we're willing to wait for.

The Guild Wars 2 release date is the 28th of August, 2012.

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