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End of Nations 2012 Gamescom Trailer Showcases Impressive Range of Weapons

By: Jasmine Henry | Aug 15th 2012
The thing that often limits free-to-play titles is the lack of free things on offer - usually the good stuff is hidden behind a pricey pay-gate or locked away in an expensive bonus pack. End of Nations, however, seems to be eliminating that flaw from the very off, as we can see in this new trailer for the game which End of Nations publisher Trion Worlds, along with the game's developer, Petroglyph have just shown off at Gamescom 2012, which is currently taking place in Germnay (hence the German text included).

In the short vignette you can see the astonishing range of weapons that End of Nations is serving up to players, there's so much that it won't matter what you have to pay for because there's probably enough to keep you occupied without waiting for a lucrative windfall to land in your bank account. All sorts of skins can be seen too, from sub-standard camo for your tanks to an assortment of blues to adorn your mechs, most colours and patterns are covered in the game it seems.

You can watch the End of Nations Gamescom 2012 trailer below.

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