Tribes :Ascend Blitz Update Preview Video is Now Live

Tribes :Ascend Blitz Update Preview Video is Now Live

By: Jasmine Henry | Aug 24th 2012
"Is it that time again? Already?" I hear you ask, reader, and I can say that yes, yes it is. Barely a few weeks after the last Tribes : Ascend update preview was released, we are now onto our eighth several minute slice of Tribes : Ascend gameplay preview footage as once again, developer of the arena shooter MMOFPS, Hi-Rez Studios are talking us through the improvements that will soon be available in their much-loved title.

The latest Tribes : Ascend update is called 'Blitz', named after the brand new game mode that the team at Hi-Rez will be adding with this update. They've also included updates to the Technician class, tweaks to the maps from the last Tribes : Ascend update and there's the inclusion of several new voices, taken from the classic Tribes title, Tribes 2.

You can watch the Tribes : Ascend Blitz update preview video below.

Click here to visit the Tribes : Ascend website.

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