Requiem : Memento Mori Makes Facebook Debut

Requiem : Memento Mori Makes Facebook Debut

By: Jasmine Henry | Sep 11th 2012
When your game is defined as "massive" thanks to its listing in the MMO genre, a publisher might find some difficulty in making their game reach a wider audience than that. This is not the case, it seems, for Gravity Interactive, publisher of the "Adult-only Bloody Violence Hardcore" MMORPG, Requiem : Memento Mori, who have just announced that the game will be making its way over to Facebook for MMO players who like meaningless statuses too.

One reason that Gravity Interactive cites for launching a Facebook version of Requiem Memento Mori is that "it will allow players to not only expose the Facebook community, to help with improving Requiem as more players discover Requiem for the first time". Those who are just learning about the world of Requiem via Facebook will be benefited, as they don't just get to play "the first dark-fantasy MMO on the biggest social network", (a quote from Casey Wing, Producer for Requiem at Gravity Interactive US Office), but exclusive prizes will be available for Facebook players that non-Facebook players of the game won't get.

One the ways to get those prizes is through the Requiem : Memento Mori Facebook launch events, such as a "Facebook “Like / Share & comment” event!", some o the prizes of these are are as follows : "Facebook Requiem players will receive a stack of AED items which allow character to revive at their current location after dying instead of a resurrection stone. And players will receive a free mount that gives +60% to movement speed riding with GM in a Rex Race!"

To play Requiem Mementon Mori on Facebook, click here .

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