Jagex MMORTS, War of Legends, Passes 5 Million Registered Users

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Jagex MMORTS, War of Legends, Passes 5 Million Registered Users

By: Jasmine Henry | Sep 20th 2012
Most famous for being the creative team who developed and published one of the world's most popular free to play games, Runescape, have hit the news with their other title, War of Legends, an MMORTS that is celebrating its own level of popularity.

Jagex have announced that War of Legends, which lets players "build vast empires" has just passed 5 million registered users. That's over 5 million players working to establish their empire, forming alliances with other players on the quest to create the largest world power.

To make sure that their game stays at its highest quality for those 5 million players, Jagex have revealed plans for the latest War of Legends update.

You can read a list of features from the update below

- 3 new floors to the popular Buzhou Mountain instance – Buzhou Mountain is a dungeon where players must fight through floors of increasing difficulty, offering some of the most challenging content in the game
- New Nullifier Artifact – a new in-game item which can be equipped to any Legend allowing players to defend themselves against the enemies powerful magics.

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