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  • Chefville, the Facebook game, where you can waste time preparing imaginary dishes instead of making them for yourself. Another title from Zynga, Chefville, is the slightly more austere version of their game Cafe World. The characters are ..
  • One of the key things that makes a video game a video game is that they exist in some sort of weird reality. A reality where health never quite depletes, where special powers aren't just for heroes, and, in the case of the latest 'it' ga..
  • Let it be said that dragons are awesome. They can burn down entire castles, let alone singe your eyebrows off, they are more than capable of taking on a Boeing 747 when it comes to flight, oh, and they tower hundreds of feet above the gro..
  • As a franchise that has been around since 1995, You Don't Know Jack (the game) takes 'you don't know Jack' (the phrase - which happens to be a light-hearted insult for being an idiot), and challenges players to prove that they are total b..
  • Dungeon Blitz is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMO. A wondrously simple title under an incredibly long-winded genre description.Get beneath that frustratingly convoluted tagline, and you’ll be introduced to the MMO brain-child of develo..
  • The Sims is the giantly popular (this may be an understatement) franchise that lets players, lovingly known as ‘Simmers’, play god, proceeding to make virtual versions of themselves walk, talk, live, love and even think as you help them..
  • SCEA President, Jack Tretton, Reveals Dust 514 Release Date

    26th Sep 2012 MMOs are some of the most creative games available, though they tend to be limited to PCs. It's the way that PCs work versus games consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox 360. PS3 exclusive, DUST 514, an MMOFPS from EVE Online developer, CCP, is set to change that, showing gamers that PCs aren't the onl.. Read More.

  • The Secret World Offers 3 Day Free Trial to New Users

    21st Sep 2012 Funcom, the developer of the new conspiracy theory MMO, The Secret World, is offering up a deal to new users that allows them to play the game for several days for no cost.Usually, after you've bought the game, you have to pay a monthly fee but Funcom are giving new users 3 days play of The Secret.. Read More.

  • Jagex MMORTS, War of Legends, Passes 5 Million Registered Users

    20th Sep 2012 Most famous for being the creative team who developed and published one of the world's most popular free to play games, Runescape, have hit the news with their other title, War of Legends, an MMORTS that is celebrating its own level of popularity.Jagex have announced that War of Legends, which let.. Read More.

  • Final End of Nations Beta Weekend Scheduled for the 4th of October

    19th Sep 2012 The beginning of September brought news that the third End of Nations beta weekend would take place during the month and a few weeks later, the information that the final End of Nations weekend will take place in October has been revealed.The free to play online military strategy game from publis.. Read More.

  • German Version of Tribes : Ascend Now Available

    18th Sep 2012 As talked about in the latest Tribes : Ascend update preview video , Hi-Rez studios' first person shooting MMO is celebrating the launch of a German version of the game.The German version of the game has been in beta for several weeks according to a press release and will include a "translated gam.. Read More.

  • Tribes : Ascend Update #9 Gets Video Preview

    14th Sep 2012 The ninth video in Tribes : Ascend developer Hi-Rez Studios' update previews for their game is now live. This update is just a few weeks after the previous Tribes : Ascend update.The team talk about the new Tribes : Ascend Marksman update which is set to bring several new guns and abilities for th.. Read More.

  • Guild Wars 2 Sells Over 2 Million Copies

    13th Sep 2012 NCSoft had to deal with an interesting problem the other week as copies of their game, the MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, were selling so fast, that they had to temporarily halt first party sales just so that they could ship more copies to retailers. It's no surprise as just over a week ago rep.. Read More.

  • Requiem : Memento Mori Makes Facebook Debut

    11th Sep 2012 When your game is defined as "massive" thanks to its listing in the MMO genre, a publisher might find some difficulty in making their game reach a wider audience than that. This is not the case, it seems, for Gravity Interactive, publisher of the "Adult-only Bloody Violence Hardcore" MMORPG, Requi.. Read More.

  • Third End of Nations Beta Event to Take Place this Weekend

    7th Sep 2012 Curious about the collection of impressive weapons and vehicles that End of Nations lets you control ? Waiting to dress each one up in the large array of skins and outfits to make your catastrophically powerful army your very own? Or maybe you just want to play the upcoming MMO to help your fellow.. Read More.

  • Guild Wars 2 Leads UK Game Chart

    5th Sep 2012 In a statistic that will likely surprise no one, UKIE's Chart Track for video game sales in the UK, show that the much-delayed and highly-anticipated MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, has raced right to the top of the charts (week ending September 1st) even though publisher NCSoft released the game on August .. Read More.

  • Tribes :Ascend Blitz Update Preview Video is Now Live

    24th Aug 2012 "Is it that time again? Already?" I hear you ask, reader, and I can say that yes, yes it is. Barely a few weeks after the last Tribes : Ascend update preview was released, we are now onto our eighth several minute slice of Tribes : Ascend gameplay preview footage as once again, developer of the a.. Read More.

  • End of Nations 2012 Gamescom Trailer Showcases Impressive Range of Weapons

    15th Aug 2012 The thing that often limits free-to-play titles is the lack of free things on offer - usually the good stuff is hidden behind a pricey pay-gate or locked away in an expensive bonus pack. End of Nations, however, seems to be eliminating that flaw from the very off, as we can see in this new trailer.. Read More.

  • Guild Wars 2 to Include Umbra's Rendering Optimisation Technology

    14th Aug 2012 When considering what features you'd liked to see in ArenaNet's highly anticipate MMO, Guild Wars 2, I think it's safe to say that 'Umbra's Rendering Optimisation Technology' probably isn't on your wishlist - but it should be. ArenaNet have just announced that very early on into the development of.. Read More.

  • ROSE Online Gets a Brand New Story Arc

    10th Aug 2012 Are you a ROSE Online player who prefers to avoid the largescale combat gameplay that the anime MMORPG offers? Then you're in luck. After the announcement last week that ROSE Online would be one of the games involved in's biggest PvP tournament ever (alongside other games - Dragon S.. Read More.

  • Knight Age Open Beta Dated for August 28th

    8th Aug 2012 At the beginning of July we told you about the Knight Age open beta but having completed that, the "first ever riding-action fantasy MMORPG" is making its way into an open beta phase, giving more wannabe Knight Age players the chance to get involved in the game.Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax (publis.. Read More.