Runescape Evolution of Combat Beta Begins

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Runescape Evolution of Combat Beta Begins

By: Jasmine Henry | Jun 28th 2012
Back in May we revealed that Runescape was receiving its largest update since the games beginning over a decade ago - the Evolution of Combat update . The Evolution of Combat update is set to completely reform and revitalise the way that combat and conflicts in Runescape take place, meaning that everything from the newbie cow slaughter for meat to the battling of bigger (more harmful) Runescape baddies will be affected. Now, a lucky few (or, rather, a lucky 50,000) are amongst the first people ever to witness the 'evolution' in a hands-on beta.

Beta sign-ups went live on June 26th and it seems that Jagex' sweeping statements about the update's impact have not gone over the heads of gamers with this "elite" group of 50,000 being whittled down from the "hundreds of thousands" of players who actually applied for a chance to "shape the development of this colossal update before anyone else".

For unfortunate outsiders of the Runescape Combat of Evolution update, Jagex have release a small bit of info on what it will include, with the official press release regarding beta numbers stating that "dual wielding, action and adrenaline bars, tiered abilities, performance buffs, critical hits, new character animations" are all included, with "much more" added for good, (added hype) measure.

Click here to find out how to get into the Runescape Combat of Evolutoon update beta.

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