Third End of Nations Beta Event to Take Place this Weekend

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Third End of Nations Beta Event to Take Place this Weekend

By: Jasmine Henry | Sep 7th 2012
Curious about the collection of impressive weapons and vehicles that End of Nations lets you control ? Waiting to dress each one up in the large array of skins and outfits to make your catastrophically powerful army your very own? Or maybe you just want to play the upcoming MMO to help your fellow End of Nations cohorts protect the Earth as a shadowy corporation seeks to hold onto its title as the nefarious leaders of the world? As of right now, the End of Nations release date is still unconfirmed but that doesn't mean that you are being denied the chance to play it.

Publisher of the title, Trion Worlds, have announced that a third closed beta event will take place in the game this weekend, giving you yet another chance to get in on some early End of Nations playtesting before the game goes live for real.

The action began today (the 7th of September) at 12:01am EST and will take place until Sunday, September 9 at 11:59pm EST.

To get into the beta, you'll need a beta code which you can get by signing up at . Trion Worlds say that codes can also be found on the End of Nations Facebook page and on the End of Nations Twitter .

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