Tribes : Ascend Update #9 Gets Video Preview

Tribes : Ascend Update #9 Gets Video Preview

By: Jasmine Henry | Sep 14th 2012
The ninth video in Tribes : Ascend developer Hi-Rez Studios' update previews for their game is now live. This update is just a few weeks after the previous Tribes : Ascend update.

The team talk about the new Tribes : Ascend Marksman update which is set to bring several new guns and abilities for the Sentinel, Soldier and Pathfinder classes and what they've changed with the Blitz Cube and Permafrost maps.

Hi-Rez have decided to make some important balance changes to Tribes : Ascend to improve the game, which you can read in the update #9 patch notes .

You can watch the latest Tribes : Ascend update preview video below.

Click here to visit the Tribes : Ascend website.

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