German Version of Tribes : Ascend Now Available

German Version of Tribes : Ascend Now Available

By: Jasmine Henry | Sep 18th 2012
As talked about in the latest Tribes : Ascend update preview video , Hi-Rez studios' first person shooting MMO is celebrating the launch of a German version of the game.

The German version of the game has been in beta for several weeks according to a press release and will include a "translated game client (excluding voice-overs)" and "German-speaking community support", a welcome addition for many Tribes : Ascend players as Hi-Rez Studios say that 20% of European Tribes : Ascend players speak German.

The German version of Tribes : Ascend is available with the Marksman update that launched last week.

It's unclear as to what other features German speaking players can expect in the localised version next but Hi-Rez do say that they are working on more localisations for the game.

Click here to visit the Tribes : Ascend website.

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