Final End of Nations Beta Weekend Scheduled for the 4th of October

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Final End of Nations Beta Weekend Scheduled for the 4th of October

By: Jasmine Henry | Sep 19th 2012
The beginning of September brought news that the third End of Nations beta weekend would take place during the month and a few weeks later, the information that the final End of Nations weekend will take place in October has been revealed.

The free to play online military strategy game from publisher, Trion Worlds, has no official release date yet but with the next beta event offering "maps including Full Boar where they will be able to take on the gargantuan Panzer Hulk unit, the four-player PvE Co-op Comp-Stomp map, Juggernaut, the four-player PvE Co-op survival mode map, and Deep Freeze, the massive 56-player map" to play before the launch of the full release, players who get into the beta will be able prepare for combat, gaining an advantage over launch day End of Nations players.

If you want to share the tips and tricks with those who didn't get into the End of Nations beta, you'll be able to as Trion Worlds have announced that they are removing the NDA (non-disclusure agreement) from this beta weekend.

The final End of Nations beta weekend "is scheduled to start at 8:00am PDT on Thursday, October 4, and is slated to conclude on Sunday, October 9 at 9:00pm PDT".

To get into the beta, you'll need a beta code which you can get by signing up at . Codes can be found on the End of Nations Facebook page and the End of Nations Twitter too.

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