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How can I get a higher buzz rating for my cafe?

By: Jasmine Henry Mar 20th, 2012

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So if you've played Cafe World for a little bit, you will have seen both the thumbs up on the HUD (heads-up display) or the green thumb that hovers over a happy customers head after paying, and finishing a meal.

That's the buzz rating.

Basically, the buzz rating is how much 'hype' your cafe is generating. The higher the number of the buzz rating, the more people will visit your cafe to taste your delicious cartoon-y delights.

Obviously the buzz rating is important for you cafe's popularity, and in turn, your income.

The most effective way to improve your buzz rating, besides improving your cafe's decor and making sure that you have a lot of seats spare and plenty of food to eat, is to increase the variation of the meals on offer.

If you tend to serve of the 'Homestyle Potroast' dish a lot, mix it up by preparing some 'Spaghetti & Meatballs' to go alongside it, the larger your range of meals, the more a customer is impressed and the higher the buzz rating will be.

By: Jasmine Henry Mar 20th, 2012