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Cafe World Hints and Tips


How to Get More Gold In Cafe World

As I discussed in my review of the game , accumulating gold in Cafe World is quite difficult if you don't want to pay for it and you don't have a huge list of friends who are Cafe World players like yourself.

If you wait it out, you will eventually amass gold from simple customer payments, but even that takes a while.

The best ways, that I've found, are to play the game every day (Zynga provides extra rewards for doing so), to visit your friends' cafes (even if they're not active players, you will still reap the benefits) and to continuously prep food. For that last tip, the 'bacon cheeseburger' or 'chips & guacamole' dishes are the best if you are on a time budget as they only take 5 and 3 minutes (respectively) to complete, from start to finish.

By: Jasmine Henry Mar 20th, 2012